Mission Statement

The Division of Pharmacognosy carries out research in pharmaceutical sciences focused on natural products from medicinal plants and microorganisms. Major tasks are the discovery of new biologically active compounds from natural sources and the characterization of their molecular mode of action contributing to a better understanding of the interaction of natural products and complex cellular systems. Our aim is pharmaceutical lead and target identification, the quality improvement of herbal medicinal products as well as the sustainable production of natural products by biotechnological approaches.


Mag. pharm. Christina Mair successfully passed her defensio on February 3, 2017, with her FWF funded PhD thesis entitled 'Bioactive natural products: targeted identification of antivirals and hERG blockers.


Dr. Atanas Atanasov sucessfully gave his habilitation lecture on November 2nd, 2016.


Dr. Christoph Grojer successfully passed his defensio in October 2016, with his PhD thesis entitled: Natural products and their impact on microRNA expression in activated vascular smooth muscle cells. Viva Voce 25.10.2016. Supervisor: Verena M. Dirsch


Die Grippezeit steht bevor. Dass bei Fieber und Erkältung diverse Kräuter helfen, wussten schon unsere Großmütter. Warum das so ist, untersucht die Pharmazeutin Judith Rollinger. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Team hat sie Naturstoffe identifiziert, die gängige Medikamente in den Schatten stellen.


Pharma and Food - Lecture Series

06.10.2016 - 19.01.2017


Dr. Anela Tosevska successfully passed her defensio in September 2016, with her PhD thesis entitled: Investigating the role of bilirubin in vivo and in vitro: effect on aging, telomere length and other age-related biomarkers (together with KH Wagner, Department of Nutritional Sciences). Viva Voce 12.09.2016. Co-supervisor: Verena M. Dirsch