Olga Sekurova


Post Doc

room 2F154
tel +43-1-4277-55288
email olga.sekurova@univie.ac.at


Genetics and biochemistry of natural products biosynthesis:

  • Antibiotic biosynthesis and its regulation
  • Manipulation of biosynthetic genes in order to generate new analogues of bioactive molecules
  • Activation of silent biosynthetic gene clusters
  • Heterologous expression of antibiotic gene clusters for the discovery of novel bioactive compounds

Synthetic biology of Streptomyces:

  • Engineering of Streptomyces venezuelae for terpenoid production
  • Dissection of the ethanol-inducible regulatory circuit in S. venezuelae
  • Construction of synthetic regulatory circuits for regulation of gene expression in bacteria in frame of the collaborative EU project StrepSynth “Rewiring the Streptomyces cell factory for cost-effective production of biomolecules” (http://www.strepsynth.eu)