Judith M. Rollinger


University Professor; Member of the Senate of the University of Vienna

room 2F 449  (floor 4)
tel  +43-1-4277-55255

e-mail judith.rollinger@univie.ac.at
consultation-hour: Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00
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Drug leads from nature

  • Unravelling nature’s complexity to seek for novel drug leads from Nature by using integrated chemoinformatic and chemometric approaches
  • Discovery of bioactive compounds from medicinal plants of ethnopharmacological sources (Dioscorides’ de material medica, Chinese herbal medicine) by means of in silico techniques (molecular modelling, virtual screening) and phenotypic screenings using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

  • Research on bioactive metabolites from diverse natural sources with special emphasis on natural leads against inflammatory processes, metabolic syndrome, and viral infections/influenza and potential cardiotoxic compounds in commonly consumed botanicals
  • Analytics, quality control



  • 2022-2025
    Schwabe Phyto Innovation Challenge
    Identifying and dissecting health promoting natural products for healthy aging
    (PI Rollinger)
  • 2020-2024
    FWF Project P 34028  
    Natural products against acute respiratory infections (PI Rollinger, co-PI Grienke)
  • 2018-2022       
    Natvantage Grant 2018 of the Wilhelm Doerenkamp Foundation
    NaProFlu: Natural Products targeting low respiratory tract infections (PIs: Rollinger and Schmidtke)
  • 2017-2022
    funded by the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI)
    In vivo Screening of plant extracts using C. elegans as a model system (PI Rollinger)
  • 2016-2018
    Project for Interdisciplinary Research Network funded by the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria.
    Microbial communities in marine sediments (PI Zotchev, co-PIs Herndl & Rollinger)
  • 2012-2017
    FWF Project P 24587
    Natural Lead Structures Targeting Influenza (PI Rollinger)
  • 2012-2016
    EU project FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES 295174
    hERGscreen: hERG related risk assessment of botanicals (coordinator and PI Rollinger)
  • 2008-2014
    FWF NFN Project S10703
    Drugs from nature targeting inflammation: From in silico plant selection to bioactive natural products (PI Stuppner; project associate & co-applicant Rollinger )
  • 2005-2008
    FFG-Bridge Project 810059
    Natural product derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (PI Rollinger)

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1983-1990             
    Studies of pharmacy (Mag. pharm.) University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • 1990-1991             
    Training in immunology and microbiology, University of Innsbruck
  • 1992              
    Approbation as pharmacist (hospital pharmacy in Innsbruck)
  • 1992-1994              
    Maternity leave
  • 1994-2005              
    Half time position as assistant at the Institute of Pharmacy/Pharmacognosy, University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • 1995-1999              
    PhD in the group of Prof. A. Burger (crystal polymorphism), Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of Innsbruck
  • 2000-2002              
    Training in Molecular Modelling: CAMD-Group, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Innsbruck (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thierry Langer)
  • 2003-2005              
    Half time position at Inte:Ligand (Software development and consulting, Maria Enzersdorf, Austria)
  • 2005-2014              
    Full time position at the Institute of Pharmacy / Pharmacognosy, University of Innsbruck
  • 2007              
    Habilitation and Venia legendi for Pharmacognosy at the University of Innsbruck
  • 2007-2014              
    A. Univ.-Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Innsbruck
  • 2013              
    Visiting Professor at the Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, Austria
  • since 10/2014              
    Full professor in Pharmacognosy/Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Vienna, Austria
    Head of 'Phytochemistry & Biodiscovery'
  • since 2011
    Member of Board Directors of the Society of Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research (GA)
  • 2016-2018
    Associate Editor of Frontiers in Pharmacology, Speciality Ethnopharmacology
  • 2016-2019, 2023-2024
    Editor of Planta Medica
  • 2018-2019
    Vice President of the Society of Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research (GA)
  • since 2019
    Senator of the University of Vienna, Austria
  • since 2020-2023
    President of the Society of Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research (GA)
  • 2023-
  • Member of the International Strategy and Evaluation Board of the Austrian Drug Screening Institute GmbH
  • 2024-
    Vice-President of the Society of Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research (GA)
  • 2024-
    Member of the editorial advisory board of Journal of Natural Product (2024-2029)

Patent Application

  • Sanggenons for Antiviral Treatment: Rollinger J.M., Langeder J., Grienke U., Kirchweger B., Wasilewicz A., Dirsch V., Perhal A., Schwarz P., Schmidtke M., Döring K., Schmietendorf H., Rabenau H., Cinatl J., Bojkova D. (2023): Internat. Publ. No. WO 2023/280767 A1
  • Pharmaceutical compositions comprising neuraminidase inhibitors for the treatment of influenza virus infection. Kirchmair, J.; Schmidtke, M.; Liedl, K.; Rollinger, J.M. (2013): Eur. Pat. Appl. EP 2599480 A1 20130605
  • Morphinan-6-one compounds for the treatment or prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Rollinger, J.M.; Prast, H., Schuster, D.; Langer, T.; Hornick, A.; Stuppner, H. (2009): EP 09015938.5, 44pp.  KIWIE Award
  • Piperidine-based compounds as nonpeptidic promoters of apoptosis, and use in the treatment of hyperproliferative disease. Schyschka, L.; Vollmar, A.; Barth, N.; Stuppner, H.; Langer, T.; Rollinger, J.M.; Bliem, C. (2009): PCT Int. Appl., A1 20090528, 48pp.
  • Non-peptidic promotors of apoptosis. Stuppner, H.; Langer, T.; Rollinger, J.M.; Bliem, C.; Vollmar, A.; Barth, N.; Schyschka, L. (2009): EP 2060564, European Patent Office; WO 2009065570, PCT Application.
  • Use of extracts and constituents of Leontopodium as enhancers of cholinergic function. Prast, H.; Rollinger, J.M.; Schwaiger, S.; Stuppner, H. (2007): EP05014902.0, European Patent Office; PCT/EP2006/006633, PCT Application.
  • Use of coumarin derivatives. Stuppner, H.; Langer, T.; Prast, H.; Rollinger, J.M.; Wolber, G. (2005): EP04009431.0, European Patent Office; PCT/EP2005/004250.
  • Preparation of the diuretic torasemide in crystal modification III which offers increased stability and more rapid onset of activity. Dreckmann-Behrendt, B.; Burger, A.; Rollinger, J.M. (2000): US 6166045 A 20001226, 6 p.


  • 2020: Science Award 2020 of the federal state Vorarlberg, Austria.
  • 2010        
    Science Award 2010 of the Capital City of Innsbruck/Austria for exceptional scientific research
  • 2010       
    KIWIE silver medal for the patent ‘Morphinan-6-one compounds for the treatment or prevention of neurodegenerative diseases’ by Rollinger, J.M. et al. EP 09015938.5 (Patent filed at 23/12/2009).
  • 2007       
    Recognition Award of the Jury of the City Innsbruck Award for outstanding scientific research at the University of Innsbruck 2007
  • 2007       
    Recognition Award of the Jury of the Principality Liechtenstein Award for outstanding scientific research at the University of Innsbruck 2006
  • 2005       
    PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2005 for Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 2005       
    Young talents grant 2005 awarded by the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck
  • 1989 & 1990       
    Merit scholarships awarded twice by the University of Innsbruck/Austria