Mission Statement

The Division of Pharmacognosy carries out research in pharmaceutical sciences focused on natural products from medicinal plants and microorganisms. Major tasks are the discovery of new biologically active compounds from natural sources and the characterization of their molecular mode of action contributing to a better understanding of the interaction of natural products and complex cellular systems. Our aim is pharmaceutical lead and target identification, the quality improvement of herbal medicinal products as well as the sustainable production of natural products by biotechnological approaches.

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On May 28, 2020, Verena Hiebl sucessfully defended her thesis entitled "The influence of selected natural products on nuclear receptors controlling cholesterol homeostasis in intestinal cells and macrophages" online. We are looking forward to celebrating her success in real life as soon as the Corona-regulations will allow it! Congratulations Verena!


Challenged by an international examination commitee in front of screen and webcam, Manuel Matzinger brilliantly defended his thesis entitled "Impact of AMPK on the interactome and PTM pattern of Nrf2 and Development of an enrichment method for cross-linked peptides from a complex matrix” on May 4, 2020. Congratulations Manuel! We will raise our glasses again in person as soon as the Corona-regulations allow in order to celebrate your great success :)


A team led by Judith Rollinger is screening traditional knowledge in order to identify new active substances against lung infections caused by influenza, coronavirus or pneumococci.


Die Sendung "Wald als Heiler" - mit thematischem Schwerpunkt Phytotherapie mit Brigitte Kopp - wird am 15. April von ORF III ausgesendet.


Am 15. März 2020, 11:00 - 12:00 findet für Kinder von 8 bis 12 Jahren die 77. Wiener Kindervorlesung im ZOOM Kindermuseum statt. Verena Dirsch erforscht die Wirkungsweise von Pflanzen und erforscht mit den Kindern die Vielfalt der Medizin aus der Natur.


Sechster Durchgang des NaturTalente-Programms mit neuem Special 2020: Life Science Fokus. 41 NaturTalente aus vier Fakultäten wurden eingeladen, darunter die vier NaturTalente des Departments für Pharmakognosie: Laura Gebetsberger, Verena Hiebl, Thomas Göls, Eva Mittermair.

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